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Born and raised on Maryland's Eastern Shore, I have always appreciated the nautical beauty of the shorelines of our state.

When I first fell in love with photography I was amazed by the things I started noticing in my every day life. I see textures, colors, light and imperfections. Imperfections that become perfection through my lens.

My photography style is simple. I like to capture you, being you. I shoot in mostly natural light and strive to capture life as it happens. I look for the little moments that you might miss if you blink and capture them with my lens. The breath between a kiss, the smile on a brand new Mom's face as her 7lb little boy smiles at her for the first time, the tear welling in a groom's eyes as his bride walks down the aisle. Capturing the perfect image makes my heart happy and keeps me coming back for more.

I treat every client as a friend and strive to connect with you in a way that will keep us in touch long after your event. I want to know the ins and outs of your love story, and preserve it for years to come with my images.

I believe in love because I am loved. I am loved by the most amazing friends and family a girl could ask for; and I am loved by an amazing husband that forces me to reach for the stars and celebrates me every single day.

I cry at every single wedding I shoot. There's just something about witnessing the love, excitement and anticipation of one of the most memorable days in my clients lives that absolutely moves me.